Re: staff training

Susan Knoer

Hi Lauren,

Have you contacted NEDCC or The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA)? Both are on the East Coast, so I’d start there. Also Lyrasis.

How fast you want it (next week? next year?) and how hands-on you want make some differences. Do you have enough space (and drainage) for a wading pool for some really authentic training, or do you want something a little less messy? Both have their advantages.

I did a wet demo with a tub and discarded materials for the Kentucky C2C series. It got a good response on site, since it prompts more questions when you’re gathered around wet “stuff”, and comments (I didn’t know a wet book was so heavy! How do you lift out all that paper without it tearing? The photographs are floating!)

There are links to all the presentations here

or you can contact me at

Susan Knoer