Re: Outreach at large venue

Bronwyn Eves

Thanks for all the tips! I used your suggestions to create two mini displays for the fair. The first was a small touch board: I attached a piece of light colored linen and a piece of Japanese paper to a board and covered half of these. I made a sign that said “Please Touch”. I was amazed at how many kids went to touch it and there parents jumped in to stop them! I think it made adults and kids stop and think about what was in the display. For the second display I used an old, crumpled top hat from my kids’ play room. I created a story that said the hat had just been found in a basement… what should you do next? I supplied archival tissue, gloves and a box to demonstrate proper storage. I also provided typed instructions for times when no one was at the booth. Of course one of the steps was to contact the Illinois Preservation Network (our Connecting to Collections network)!