Re: Museum carpet maintenance vaccum cleaner


We have several historic house museums and gallery spaces and use a variety of vacuums. We try to use different vacuums for collections and exhibit areas (ie: dedicate a vacuum for collections). For the floors (baseboards, wood floors, carpets, window sills, etc) we use a SEBO or an Oxygen cannister vac with hose, adjustable suction, multiple filters (HEPA), and accesssory tool kits. Find a locally owned vacuum retailer, explain what you are looking for (adjustable suction, HEPA filters, light weight, wood floor attachments, etc), you can even take them the info on the Nilfisk, and they can find something similar for half the price. I am not saying that they are on the same level as a Nilfisk, but for cleaning exhibit spaces and period rooms, and for those of us with limited funds, they work great! We have found a great local vendor to work with, and have been very happy with their suggestions. Good luck!