Re: Mold on Ivory?


Hello Michele,

I had worked with ivory in the past and do not think that freezing is a good option. If I were you I will inquire further with colleagues that are experts in this material. For example, make an initial search in find a conservator at AIC? and contact them to make further inquires. Are you sure that is ivory? What are the main characteristics of this material? a cross hatching (roughly diamond shaped cross hatching) is a good indication that the material is ivory, as are translucent wavy lines. You can write to me at and I will be happy to provide you names of colleagues that are very knoledgeable about this specific material. Hope this info will help you with your decision-making process of freezing and/or not freezing the piece. Remember that ‘condensation’ can be a very difficult thing to avoid when you get the object out of the refrigeration at low temperatures.