Re: Medical Records and HIPPA laws


Thanks Patrick! We received a huge donation that included records from a local pharmacist who recently retired. We have been more focused on ensuring that we were handling containers properly and have been in contact with local agencies to ensure we didn’t have picric acid or other volatile substances, but this recent discussion alerted us to another potential concern. We are planning to have a medical exhibit in the next five years so this certainly would have come up. We’ve had pharmaceutical containers donated in the past that had personal information as to whom it was prescribed, dosage, and for what malady. Some of the names are very recognizable within the community and in most cases were donated by the individual or one of their family. We were already concerned about whether or not we should exhibit these things even though some of them are truly fascinating examples. Thank you for your insight. We are already sensitive to our ethical and moral responsibility to the individuals who have entrusted us with this information and we will certainly speak with our attorney concerning legal responsibility.