Re: Lighting Question


Motion sensors are often good idea for reducing light exposure and saving energy. Without knowing the size and scale of your room, it’s difficult to provide specific lighting suggestions.

Typically, linear florescents are great choice, but they need to be filtered for UV. Compact florescents (spiral lamps) are much more difficult to filter for UV. LED’s are not quite a mature technology, but I have a lot of confidence in the Philips AmbientLED LEDs that work like standard lightbulbs(they are yellow, until they are illuminated). LEDs typically do not produce UV. Regular incandescent light-bulbs are low enough in UV so also don’t typically need to be filtered. However, incandescents get warm, need to be changed often and are energy inefficient.

Just like in museum exhibits the goal is to provide enough light to see well, while light in excess of what is required increases the rate of damage for no reason. If it’s truly just a storage room and no object conditioning or viewing of objects is necessary; then I guess the lighting only has to bright enough for safe passage and to inspect for insect or water damage