Re: Laptop with internal camera


I don’t understand the “laptop with internal camera” issue. Do you mean the web camera over the display?. If yes is ridiculous. To show respect to memories in images you better make use of a DSLR with macro lens, a repro stand and a source of light. Quality of lens and light source are proporcional to the money paid for them.
As John D. Childs says, you need a raw master file, better, from my point of view, DNG raw file, and a caracterized workflow with the help of color reference charts: IT8.7/1, IT8.7/2, ColorChecker, for profiling, and a AIC PhD Target from Robin Myers Imaging for visual check of constancy among other things.
Take a look to Peter Krogh’s site resources as aproach. Contact an experienced professional working in the archives, libraries and museums environment in your area for more information.