Re: Introduction to LED Lighting Recording Is Up!


Hi Samantha, I asked Rick Kerschner your question and he replied:

Yes, LED strips need good ventilation as well. The heat is localized
around the LED chip, not the transformer. We learned this the hard way.
In the first generation LIA strips you may remember from the picture
that the through-hole LED’s were quite close together, in fact only 1/2″
apart. They began to dim significantly dropping to only about 30% of
original light output in less than two years. It was because the heat in
this particular brand of LEDs was not managed well at all and the heat
from one LED bled over to the next LED. Fortunately, the manufacturer
replaced them under warrantee. We also had LIA’s that were spaced 1 and
2 inches apart and they held their intensity much better.

You may remember that the next generation RIA strip produced about 2
years later contains fewer LEDs placed further apart. Although they are
brighter, they manage the heat better and have maintained their output
through the past 5 years.