Re: How to store zinc and copper etching plates?


The question should be whether u consider a significant artefact the woodpiece connected to the plates or if the adhesive between them has lost strength so as to be able to separate the 2 incompatible materials: wood and metal plates. If the separation is easy task then i would recomment to avoid all future deterioration, since wood (to non stable conditions) can lose shape and this may cause loss of shape to plates as well. Wood may be good “protector” as backing for humidity flunctuations, but it also emits volatile organic compounds to all close materials. U can use strips of clear polyester to move them, scavengers for volatile organic compounds and silica gel for buffering. Storing with acidic free materials as mentioned before but i would also recommend to wrap them with acid free tissues, acid- free thick papers (to the back of wood,to absorb possible humidity dryness that can cause spots and absorb them) and melinex, polyester sheets on top of plates. U can use different methods for storage in boxes, but remove also envelopes that are dirty and torn and treat them as paper artefacts separately. In case u can separate plates from wood then u can also preserve wood separately.