Re: How to care for and preserve a corn husk doll


That’s a very open question. I think it would help to add some more particular information – does it have other materials besides corn husks? Is it decorated (e.g. with paint)? How old is it? What are you intending to do with it? Does it have other material associated with it (objects, photographs, stories)? All these affect the decisions you make about it, but it all starts with knowing what it is made from and how those materials behave, then thinking what could damage them and therefore what the main risks are.

Like all organic items corn husks need to be protected from risks such as –
light, pests, fluctuating or incorrect temperature and relative humidity, physical damage, the effect of chemical agents (e.g. volatile organic compounds released by packaging, cases, other objects etc), pollutants, dust particles, cleaning materials, handling. Like all objects it needs to be kept safe from fire, flood and loss (either through theft or through the loss of identification).

So, keep it stored in acid-free packaging that supports and protects it but allows it to be easily and safely seen and removed when necessary. Keep handling to the minimum and wear clean nitrile gloves. Protect it from light when not on display and from ultra-violet radiation at all times. Check it for possible mould and pests and make sure no pests can infest it. Keep a good clear record of it and monitor it regularly. Keep the conditions as stable as possible and be aware that increased moisture brings a great risk of mould and damp, but if it becomes too dry it will become increasingly brittle.

Hope that gets you started. What else would be useful to know about ?