Re: How long did your collection inventory take?

Ron Kley

I’d never argue that dimensions aren’t useful, but I think that their value needs to be weighed against the time and effort required for data capture purposes. If you’re routinely photographing objects, and you include a standard scale in each photo, there’s not much practical need for additional measurement.
When measurements become quite critical (e.g., in deciding whether an object can be accommodated in a given display or storage space) I would want to go back to the object and take measurements with that specific need in mind rather then relying upon somebody else’s (or my own) previous measurement that might be off by just enough to make a critical difference. Remember that all measurements are approximate. There can be variations depending upon whether the measuring ruler or tape measure is divided into inches, quarter inches, sixteenths, millimeters, etc., or according to how straight the ruler/tape is held, and the precise angle between the measurer’s eye and the surface of the ruler/tape.
If I’m working for a client that wants measurements, I’ll be happy to take and record them, but I’ll point out these considerations…and the fact that measurement does involve an increment of time which, however brief, can multiply when you’re dealing with large numbers of objects.