Re: How long did your collection inventory take?

Kathie Gow

Thanks, everyone. All of that helps a lot. I will take these stories to the granting board at the end of the month, so they can see this is just the time it takes. It is so necessary. Every day I am finding items with rusty paperclips or that need to be separated from other (non-deteriorating items), or items we’d lost track of a few years ago and were afraid had been stolen. And yes, Judy, though we have a standard paper accession form we use for all artifacts before they get entered into the database, I’d love to get a copy of your paper forms for textiles , artwork and Native American artifacts. My email is:

For those of you who live in Mass., our grant for doing the inventory is through the Community Preservation Act. If you go to their website and search on inventory or collections mgt., you’ll find a bunch of examples. I got the idea from the Hanover Historical Society, which had posted a job description for someone to do theirs, using CPA funds, and I thought, that’s what I do already. It was a granting group that I hadn’t previously considered.

Would still love to hear more examples of how long your inventory has taken (how big a collection, how many people, how much time, etc…), if anyone still wants to reply. Thanks again!