Re: How long did your collection inventory take?

Melody Marshall

All the posts have been very interesting and informative! Our small history size museum is starting an inventory in preparation to move the majority of our collections which include artifacts, archival material and photos into a separate storage area (former museum buiding) from our central museum storage area. Our storage room off the museum had too many activities going on in it, our Paleo department, exhibit storage and kitchen facilities.

I am starting the inventory and I need to figure out an organized plan for some volunteers to help me. I am using the accession records out of our PastPerfect database and our paper file donation forms and comparing them to past Historical Society newsletters where the donations were always listed for the years and past acession reports. It has really helped because the early years did not go by the year something was donated and accessioned, an object was given a number from the previous year or the year after.

I agree with and aspire to the goals Patrick posted. I would also like to prepare a searchable database in Mirocsoft Access for staff, volunteers and patrons alike to use to search our archival and photo collections for research.

Judy, I too would like to aquire a copy of the inventory sheets you created. I think they would help me. I have already come across several items with donation forms but they are not in database, file or past accession reports or items that have no paperwork. My email is Thanks.

Melody Marshall