Hi Kathleen,
Hand sanitizers often contain moisturizers that remain on the skin. Soap and water are the best way to reduce the dirt and oils on the skin, even if it is a walk. The article does note towelettes with pure alcohol (such as those used in a medical office) could be an option. Here is a quote:
A compromise to this recommendation is to provide
inexpensive, disposable, alcohol-saturated towelettes
for patrons as the means of cleaning their hands
without leaving the reading room. Individually packaged
towelettes can be purchased in quantities of 1000 for
less than two cents apiece ($US) from companies that
distribute disposable janitorial supplies. One should
avoid choosing products containing skin lotions, but
an extensive array of options are available, many of
which can be viewed at the website, Gallery of the
Modern Moist Towelette Collecting.3 Instituting a
‘hand cleaning station’ somewhere in the reading
room would simply consist of a container of prepackaged
towelettes, a roll of paper towels for
removing residual moisture left by the towelette,
and a wastebasket for depositing used hand cleaning
products. Requirements that staff also avail themselves
of this public ‘station’ would reinforce the need for
readers to routinely ‘wash up’.