Re: Filing cabinets versus boxes on shelves

Peter E. Durbin

We also have a collection of photogrpahs, invitations, clippings, journals, etc. We use flip-top document cases, expanding file folders, manuscript file folders, and archival sheet protectors. They are used thus: One clipping, document or one photo per sheet protector. Item has accesssion number as well as same number on sheet protector. Related items are placed in a manuscript file folder unless there are several. Related file folders as well as sheet protectors when there are huge related number of items are placed in expanding file folders with attached ties.
We have several years worth of Chatauqua programs. Fragil ones are in sheet protectors and whole collection is in a tied expanding file folder. We use expanding file folders, one for each graduating class from our high school.
Larger related collections (scouting, local women’s clubs) are stored in flip-top document cases. They store well. They give a neat appearance. Researchers find them helpful because all related items are within one storage unit. Each individual item is protected and we have found that there has been far less damage than when everything was kept in file cabinets.
Pete Durbin