Re: Filing cabinets versus boxes on shelves

Alan Porter

Just noticed this discussion, sorry. We have mostly flip top boxes and file boxes of two sizes with contents in either archival folders or archival envelopes. The more valuable and fragile items are also encapsulated. Our problem is that we have some oversize materials that don’t fit in the boxes because they are a bit too high. The alternative of newspaper flat storage boxes we have looked at but the ones we have looked at are so big and expensive (and waste valuable storage space as well) that we are reluctant to go that route for documents/photos about 11 or 12 inches by about 16 or 18 inches, and we seem to have a number of those, mostly old photos mounted on heavy card stock. I’ve wondered about getting a local volunteer to build a special wooden file drawer or box, as regular drawers are a little too shallow. We did at one time find some smaller newspaper flat boxes with metal corners that would work but cannot seem to find them anymore. Any suggestions?