Re: Displaying a felt pennant


Some small volunteer run museums in the UK have provided a pest-free and dust-free environment for the temporary display of flat textile items like this by making a simple padded board of acid-free card with a layer of polyester wadding, covered with well-washed unbleached cotton calico or bump (a brushed cotton with greater cling). They place a sheet of polyester film on the work surface, lay the textile face down on it, lay the backing board gently on top and then carefully wrap the polyester film around the backl of the board, sealing it with archival quality double-sided polyester tape. This holds the textile gently against the padded board which can then be mounted on the wall. The textile is subjected to minimum strain and can easily be removed and placed in storage, still resting on the board but wiht the polyester film removed, after display. This system is straightforward even for non-conservators to use and reduces the risk of handling or inappropriate mounting of the textile. It’s cheap and reminds viewers that this is a valuable and fragile artefact, not a piece of decoration.
Hope this helps