Re: Display Glass Negatives?


I think you are on the right track with glass plate negatives (GPN). We received an oversize printer several years ago. We ordered it with the little black plastic blocks which lift the GPN off the surface of the scanner and allow us to scan 8 at a time. We also use the white background option. We did have to play with the settings until we got the right combinations, but then it goes fairly quickly. Make sure you make a note of the settings so that you use them for next time.
We do not display the GPNs but I can see the value in displaying one or two of the GPN’s as samples. If you wish to display one, I would choose one that is not valuable to the collection (blank, overdeveloped, etc.)
Good luck. The prints we have made using the scanned GPNs have turned out well.
Harriet Beckert
Newtown Historic Association