Re: Disaster Recovery


Elizabeth, you raise some very good questions. My firm is a national disaster response contractor. We also specialize in museum recovery. I have worked with numerous conservators to help our clients. During a disaster our goal is mitigate the damage to the collection under daunting conditions such as the aftermath of a hurricane or area wide flooding. I have a contract with the US Senate Museum, the National Archives and many others. During Hurricane Irene & Tropical Storm Lee I did emergency work for the Tioga County Museum. Unfortunately all the conservators in the NE were already overworked and no one could come on site. Fortunately we knew what to do. I did get some tips from a textile conservator for the historic clothing we removed from the flood waters. I can send you a news video that was done on this museum recovery if you like.

We have no cost emergency response agreements that are available should you want to consider that. We have always supported our clients even during all the gulf hurricanes.

Mark Rocco