Re: Disaster Recovery

Judy Knight

Have you checked with (Western States and Territories Preservation Assistance Service)? Their web site has lots of resources. I know Texas isn’t part of their service area, but you can always ask them for references. On their contacts list, I went to a training with Julie Page, and recommend talking to her. Disasters are her “thing”. I know that having pre-disaster commitments with conservators and archivists, as Mark suggests, is a good way to avoid some of the problems that you bring up in your post. Julie recommended the “Pocket Response Plan” that is available from From that website you get a downloadable template that you then fill out for your region. And you can order Tyvek sleeves that the folded up plan fits into so that your staff and board can all carry around a copy in their billfolds, its designed to be the size of a credit card when folded — very handy. I’ve just applied for an NEH PAG grant on this topic, using Colorado conservator Terri Schindel as the consultant, she’s done quite a bit of work on disaster preparedness/response planning, her blog is or you can Google her organization, the Museum Training Network. A direct email for her is
Judy Knight
Specialty Grants Coordinator
Laramie Plains Museum