Re: Disaster Recovery


Some things that will really help in an emergency,r egardless of the scale of your organisation:
1. make the contacts beforehand – get to know possible suppliers, companies, helpers, emergency services, insurance agents
2. make sure staff are conversant with the emergency plan – if they understand thoroughly what they are to do they can act swiflty and adapt when circumstances do not fit the plan
3. rehearse – try out different scenarios, from small to major, and test the system. Is the kit where you thought it was? Do the phone numbers work? What happens when the batteries run down?

For Gary Spivey – there may be advantages for small organisations by joining together – in the West of England many small volunteer-run museums have joined together as county groups and have joint membership with a rescue service which provides free transport and storage for collections after an emergency, a 24/7 call-out number and help with triage and treatment. See 60 members pay one subscription jointly, but are entitled to full benefits as if they had each paid singly.