Re: Database for Natural History collection


Hi Mike
Vernon Systems have a cloud based collection management system – eHive ( which may be of interest. eHive was designed for small to medium sized museums, galleries, heritage organizations, universities, councils and also private collectors. The cataloguing screens in eHive are tailored to seven areas: Art, Photography and Multimedia, Archives, History, Natural Science, Archaeology, and Library.

One of the benefits of using eHive as a tool to catalogue your collections is that upgrades and backups are done automatically by us so it’s fine if you don’t have the technical support available (or want to bypass the IT department altogether). You only need a computer (MAC or PC) with broadband access to be able to use it – so your database can be accessed from anywhere. You have the option of publishing your collection to the world or keeping it private. Costings are based on the amount of storage with a free entry level making eHive an affordable means of publishing your collections online.

Our WordPress plugins are now available which enables you to blend your eHive database in with your website if that is a requirement. Also recently launched is our eHive programming interface (API) which provides ways of accessing your content from other websites or software. This includes websites you develop, third party websites you wish to contribute to, mobile apps and custom applications.

I have included a press release about this in a separate topic. If you would like me to provide more information/examples of Universities using eHive etc please let me know.

regards Maria Lempriere