Re: Creating a safe environment for our collection


Thanks for this great question Ellen–I hope you can tune into the free online chat this Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 2:30 pm EST about collections moves. The Thursday, Feb. 23, 1:00 pm EST chat about “Making the Most of the Storage You Have” may also address these issues.

The National Park Service Museum Handbook Vol. 2, Chapter 7 has some useful guidelines that include not only flooring and paint choices, but also lighting, electrical systems, and other issues you should consider. See

Two specific points from page 7:5 are:
• Seal concrete floors with a vapor-proof epoxy or urethane paint or
cover with dust impervious commercial composition, quarry or ceramic
tiles. Use dust impervious commercial composition, quarry or ceramic
tiles as a floor finish over plywood sub floor sheathing.
• Paint walls and ceiling with paint containing titanium dioxide pigment. Paint with titanium dioxide will absorb ultraviolet radiation emitted by ambient or artificial lighting.