Re: Creating a safe environment for our collection


Lighting specifications require you to consider the intended use of the space. The ninth edition of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings by Stein and Reynolds recommend “in stack areas, the required vertical surface illumination is best supplied by one of the special fluorescent units designed for this purpose. These are mounted between the racks and no higher than 24 in above them for best results.” Fixture characteristics for fluorescent units include single-rapid start or high output lamp with special lens or parabolic reflector. The lamps should have a colour rendering index (CRI) as close to 100 as possible and they should be color balanced for the human eye.
If you opt to use concrete, as is commonly recommended, in place of carpet, you should ensure that it is sealed to avoid introducing alkaline particulate matter into the storage areas. The surface of the concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 4 weeks “to allow optimum formation of hydrated compounds and a decrease in the pH.” (CCI Tech Bulletin 21) All cracks and holes should be repaired before coating.
The new concrete will first need to be treated with muriatic acid (20-30% solution of hydrochloric acid) so that the concrete sealant will adhere. Epoxy coatings are the preferred coating.