Re: Creating a Disaster Plan

Julie Page

Cassie –
Sorry for the confusion – I think I brought it on by naming all the Handouts as “Appendices” in order to keep them in numerical order for the 4 webinar sessions.
The overview of what to include in your disaster plan was in Session 2, and I have summarized it below with comments. I hope this will make it clearer and you can work from the Appendices to complete your red binder. You shouldn’t have to do more than fill in the templates or print and add the webinar descriptive documents – very little original writing except to customize.

PReP Pocket Response Plan – Communications and Actions
Since you are a smaller institution, you should be able to fit a fair amount of information on your PReP by editing the PReP template to include the most relevant information to your historical society.

RED BINDER — Emergency Preparedness and Response Documents
INCLUDE in your red binder OR on your PReP
• Immediate Emergency Response & Systems – immediate call information and locations of emergency systems (App 1 & 2). If you can fit this information on the PReP, you don’t need it in the binder. Be sure to include a floor plan on the PReP and/or in your binder.
• Responsibilities – during a disaster response and recovery (App 3). Again, if you can fit it on the PReP, you don’t need it in the binder.
• Damage Assessment – form to use to conduct an assessment after a disaster (App.6) Simply put this form in your binder.
• Priorities – establishing collection and other priorities (App 7). Fill in the template OR include on your PReP OR on some other sheet in your red binder
• Salvage Procedures – for the types of collections you have specifically (App 13 & 14). Print and put App 13 in your red binder. Select from App 14 the pages that correspond to your collections, print and put in your red binder. You may also want to include the Supplies& Equipment (App 12).

ADDITIONS to Emergency Preparedness and Response Documents (Red Binder)
You ADD these documents to your red binder
• Emergency & Evacuation Procedures – these are your “people” procedures for evacuation, medical emergency, etc. If you don’t have something like this already, you can download a basic template at: AND click on “Staff Emergency Procedures”. Download and edit this to serve your specific needs.
• Floor Plans – Add to your red binder if you don’t have them already on your PReP
• Facility / Location Assessment – Add to your red binder any information about your most likely risks and/or what has happened to your institution before.
• Insurance Policy – Add to your red binder a copy or summary of your insurance coverage. You can use App 4

These are the main documents to make up your Disaster Plan. You can add any of the other Handouts (Appendices) from the webinar documents as you find useful. Just print and hole punch and you are good to go!
Hope this helps, Julie Page