Re: Cataloging an item made of many pieces

Lois J Wolf

Brittany, do you have the AASLH’s Revised Nomenclature by the Chenhall method for Museum Cataloging? Not only does it give you the proper name of the object, it gives you information on how to classify an object w parts. I don’t have the book at my present museum, but when i was the registrar at a historical museum, I dealt with that all the time….I think I used a bracket after the object name and said, [w parts] and then in the description noted what they were and listed them a., b., c., and a name of what they are with a number of how many there are. I would mark them with the same object number… 2005.006.0002, but add a, b, c, etc., at the end of .0002, for marking, but list them in your collections system by main artifact number of 2005.006.0002, or however you keep your collection numbers. I know there are other ways to llst them in the nomenclature book. If you don’t have it, you might be able to borrow it from another museum, but it is well worth the investment – about $95.