Re: Care for Wood

Richard Kerschner

I would not recommend using commercial products like Liquid Gold on any wood surfaces, especially unfinished wood surfaces. There is no telling what is in these products. They certainly contain oils which should not be used on wood because they do act as finishes, soaking into especially unfinished wood, changing the appearance of the surface, attracting dust and dirt, darkening with time, and are then irreversible. They may contain silicon that would make any future waxing or coating of the wood impossible. What is wrong with the unfinished wood? Simply dust/clean the surface with a damp cloth and let it be. If you need to do anything, I have found an unpigmented paste wax such as Butchers Wax, or Trewax to be a better choice than the Renaissance Wax because it is a bit harder and less likely to leave a noticeable residue in cracks and crevices. It is also easily reversible with odorless thinner.