Re: Best Practice for Organizing Donations of Photocopied Originals


We also get lots of that type of gift, but we have an active research archive as well as museums. Paper items that are not originals are accepted as non-accessioned gifts — we call them “Expendables,” and use them in the archives’ vertical files which are well used by researchers. Expendables are listed in a different Log book, and have a slightly different numbering system. Instead of the “year.donor number.item number” (2012.1.1) system used for accessioned items, expendables are numbered “E.donor number.year.item number (E.1.2012.1).” That way, even if the “E.” for “Expendables” is ignored, the person looking at the number will know that this is NOT part of the permanent collections. Donors are sent a thank you letter that contains the statement: “While not considered part of the museum’s historical collection, non-accessioned gifts are tax-deductible within IRS guidelines, and allow the museum to enhance and expand our research, interpretation, and exhibition programs.” The information recorded in the Expendables Log includes the use the item(s) were put to, and if they are disposed of, the date and method of disposal. We once received bolts of cloth and sewing materials from a retired seamstress which we used for creating costuming for the Living History program. This also was listed as “Expendable.”