Re: artifact protection/packing during facility upgrade


Another useful moving cart is the Space Rover 2 Rolling Cart, which would work for smaller or flat objects on the lower shelves and on the top shelf taller objects can be accommodated. During assembly, the top surface could be flipped so that it has an edge to it to stop things falling off. The lockable wheels are very useful and carts are easy to push/steer. Cart measures 33 1/2″ long x 24″ deep x 34″ high and shelves are 9″ apart with cut-out sections to allow you to remove items from the shelves. The Original Space Rover would also work well if the frame/painting dividers were not used. Both are sturdy heavy gauge steel construction. A bit more money than the Baker’s racks at $280 and $260 respectively (but on sale now till 10/21).