Re: artifact protection/packing during facility upgrade


Tyvek (non-woven, spun-bonded polyolefin fabric) sheeting can be cut and sewn to make good covers which are breathable but protect from dust. We used those to cover moose, rhino etc. Smaller mounts were packed in tissue lined card boxes with large cushions of bubblewrap wrapped in acid-free tissue to pack between and prevent movement. Some mounts were packed in Coroplast or Correx corrugated polypropylene boxes made to fit each item – cut from sheet and held together with hotmelt glue gun adhesive. These were an absolute pain because they were all different shapes and sizes so really difficult to stack and store. So I’d recommend making several standard sizes. The good thing about them was you could make a fitting in the bottom to slide the base of the mount in, meaning the animal was held fixed in place with nothing touching it – great for birds.