Re: Arranging and storing a map collection?


I’m working on conservation treatment for a collection of very large oversized rolled plans at the moment. These ones are all drawn on paper or architects linen and cloth backed. After humidification, flattening and repairs we have to provide storage solution. For storage we are doing one of two things. Plans that can fit flat into the client’s map cabinet drawers are going to be rehoused in polyester film (fomerly known as Mylar) L or C sleeves. They could be fully encapsulated but in this instance that is not a necessity and securing only 2 or 3 sides with the double sided tape saves money for the client. For plans too long to fit flat in the cabinets we are re-rolling them around an acid free core (like the mailing tube Harriet suggests and then placing them into 4 or five inch square acid free boxes that can stack on the shelving units. The tube core helps support the plan (many of which are from 1800’s and still fragile even after treatment) and the box makes it easy to stack them on the shelf plus gives physical protection from dust and light.