Re: Arranging and storing a map collection?

Carolyn Frisa

Hi Dorris,

As a paper conservator, I also would recommend rolling the maps that cannot be safely unrolled and stored flat around some sort of support tube. Another money-saving trick is to purchase cardboard tubes (the wider the diameter you can accommodate, the better it is for the maps and a good source for sturdy tubes are Sonotubes or similar which can usually be found at your local building supply store or a Home Depot type store ) and then wrap an isolating layer of Melinex or Mylar around the outside of the tube to prevent the acid from migrating into the maps. The maps that can be stored flat, or even folded if necessary, should be stored in acid and lignin free folders in your map cabinets. When dealing with collections comprised of different types of maps and architectural reproductions, it is also important to identify what type of materials you are dealing with as some types of blueprints and reproductions should not be stored with other types. An excellent resource that deals specifically with the preservation and storage of blueprints and other types of architectural reproductions is the book, Architectural Photoreproductions: A manual for Identification and Care – Hope this helps a little…