Re: Arranging and storing a map collection?


What is the opposition to giving the maps each a regular accession number like 1999.0001.0001 Our collections were originally given numbers based on the collection (archives, manuscripts, objects, etc.)It led to many similar and duplicate numbers and basically a difficult to search mess. As we computerize our collection, we are giving everything a standard accession number. We use Past Perfect but Excel can definitely work too. We often have researchers who want information not just on individuals but also where they lived, what they did, etc. Being able to search all of the catalogues at one time certainly makes our job easier.
I am interested in storing maps. Our small maps are in flat drawers but the larger ones (4′ x 4′ and larger)are a problem. Most of them are rolled and we are considering rolling them around the outside of large archival tubes. I am particularly concerned about the maps with wooden slats on the top and bottom.
Harriet Beckert