Reply To: Nomenclature 3.0 – a jar of silver polish?

Ron Kley

It’s worth remembering that not all collection management software permits an across-the board search of all fields for a text string such as “silver polish.” Under those circumstances, if the object name is merely “jar” and the more specific indformation about its contents might be in any of several other fields (e.g, description or other name, or title, or associations), a search for silver polish could become quite tedious.
Having used Nomenclature in its several iterations since the 1970s, I’d suggest that there may be no single “best” or “right” way to use it irrespective of a given institution’s size, staff, collection or mission. One should certainly understand the system’s structure and intended functions before deciding to “improve” upon it or depart from it, but a unquestioning lockstep approach to Nomenclature, or to any other general procedural standard, may not be in the best interest of all organizations under all circumstances.