Reply To: Stabilizing Sign


I appreciate the best case scenario suggestions. I do not have money for a conservator, space for it to be stored flat or time to properly research the long term effects of the interaction between vinyl, adhesive, and paint, keeping in mind I’m assuming it’s vinyl and have no idea what kind of adhesive or paint was used. As many of us are, who turn to this forum as a resource, I’m underfunded, understaffed, underspaced, overstuffed and overworked. I’m more in the business of triage than conservation. My goal is when I get called before the Big Curator in the Sky and am asked to explain my actions to my collection I can hold my head up high and at least be able to say, “I might not have fixed it, but I didn’t make it worse.” That’s the help I’m needing, how to not make it worse, apparently PVA isn’t the answer. What is? Would mechanical stabilization be better?