Reply To: Care of outdoor wooden bench

Anna Weiss

Mr. Hansmann,
I’m a conservator.
-My first piece of advice is to definitely not use any product or adhesive that you find online/recommended to you here, or in a local store, on a valuable piece to your collection. Even if a true conservator recommends it or puts it on their treatment proposal- In the hands of someone improperly informed/inexperienced, things can go bad, Very bad. (I especially wouldn’t use PEG in this setting- sorry Ron, I know you mean well).
As a curator, I’m sure you can understand that you couldn’t curate an exhibition right without seeing the objects, or having an understanding of history, right? (Let alone a degree or two)

-My second piece of advice is to contact the Denver Art Museum’s conservators for a recommendation. They’ll know what conservators in the area are fair and legitimately qualified conservators; maybe even some of them do work on the side and can throw you a deal; or a least goal fundraising amount.

Every sentence in the Castle Rock Historical Society’s mission statement has the word “preservation” in it. (well.. it’s only 2 sentences…)
If this is a piece worthwhile to the mission of the museum then I’d say that is fuel enough to raise the funds to properly preserve it 🙂

Hope this helps. Message me if you need help contacting a conservator in the area!