Reply To: Housing other Institution’s Collections

Joy Banks

Hi Chanin,
I was in a similar situation when I was hired. I will stipulate that I’m in a library/archive setting, so it’s a bit different than a museum.

We had an association’s archives stored in our library for about 20 years with no formal agreement. A previous employee had brought it with him when he was hired those 20 years ago, but when he left, the collection remained. I’m sending you an email with the agreement that we worked up that includes details about our annual fee for storage, what that includes, what it doesn’t include, charges for research and services, and the escape clause for both organizations. If you have any other questions, let me know. We modeled our agreement after another local archive’s agreements with several organizations. What we decided won’t necessarily apply to your exact situation, but it may help you get started with drafting your proposal. I will also say, that we had legal council from both parties look at the proposal just to verify the agreement (though you will see it’s pretty basic).

BTW, if anyone else is following this post and is interested in seeing our agreement, I am more than happy to share. For confidentiality reasons, though, I’d rather not post it in a public forum.


Joy M. Banks, MSLS
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