Reply To: Cold Storage of film & photos

Victoria Merriman

Thank you both. Mauro, the expense is the reason we won’t be buying an RH-controlled freezer–still a much higher expense than the vaporproof and other packaging materials. Christina, the CMI method seems like the only realistic option, and I thank you for the links. One of them was about the experience people had with this method over time, which is what I’m especially interested in. I did read the Vancouver report, and was impressed by how well they did with their limited funds.

What makes me nervous is the differences in opinions about aspects of the CMI process–one is how to prep film for packaging. One research scientist told me film should be acclimated for a week or two at about 30% RH before it goes into the packaging, another report says no acclimation necessary, just make sure RH is 50% when bagging. I work with conservators, but I’m not sure about finding one who really understands this area.