Reply To: Preserving Old Newspapers


Dean makes a great point. We have tons of newspaper clippings, ranging from the 1930s on-wards. Very few of them are from rare newspapers, and most are from larger papers that are archived elsewhere (Microfilm, digital, physical). One of my volunteers is currently scanning them for PastPerfect and we are also making copies for our physical files. I suppose this brings up another question. Should we be making these copies on archival paper, or is the paper I get at Staples ok?

Rejane: Mylar D is a trademarked polyester material that is no longer manufactured by DuPont. Although we often use it as a general term, Mylar is a trade name much like Kleenex or Xerox. The Melinex that Jane refers to is made by the same company and has been approved and tested by the Library of Congress.

A slightly older discussion of the two appears here.