Reply To: Laundry detergent for collection materials


Take a look at the dishwashing product aisle in your grocery store – look for dishwashing liquids that have no scent nor any colour. Of course, don’t buy ones that offer to ‘soften your hands while you do the dishes’. I’ve found that ‘natural food stores’ offer a larger variety of these type of dishwashing liquids. Laundry detergents (whether powder or liquid) have a lot more additives in their formulations that aren’t appropriate for this situation. The quality of your water is excellent, right? (ask your water provider for the mandated Federal yearly report) If your bathroom fixtures are stained from the water or you don’t drink the tap water due to the smell/taste, don’t wash your gloves/sheets in it due to these contaminants. Feel free to contact me off line ( if you need further clarification!