Reply To: Purchasing a Camera


Abigail, the best camera is one that will get used. We have this debate over and over at our place. 4 years ago, I bought a Canon PowerShot A1100IS after reading a lot of reviews. It does movies as well as stills, takes good pictures just as a point and click, but also offers a whole lot of control over light types, etc, if i want to use it (and sometimes I do). But I can carry it in my pocket and pull it out any time for the unexpected great moment at events ( – my favorite). I love the big view I get on the view screen, which you don’t get on the SLRs. Our photographers with the fancy cameras carry them for an hour of so at events, take pictures, and that’s it. So – if this camera will be used by tech shy staff and volunteers, get a point and shoot, but if all the people using the camera will love fussing with something fancy, get the SLR, which can do point and shoot also, once you figure out where the settings are. If you are doing serious documentation and need the best possible quality, that’s what you need.

If you are just looking for events and general photo IDs for your collection, I don’t think you can beat a simple pocketable point and shoot. There are copious reviews of every camera made online. Scanning, I find that there are many point-and-clicks under $100, and the Canon Rebel is only $400 these days – maybe you could get both? But again, it all depends on who will use it and for what. And – we had a Canon SLR, and all the photographer did was complain about how poor the lens was – he rented a better one for every event. so there could be hidden costs.