Reply To: Purchasing a Camera


Hi all,
Sorry it has taken so long to get back. I’ve been busy here finishing up projects and training my replacement.

Thanks for the advice. Judith hits the nail on the head with her point that “the best camera is one that will get used”. This idea, coupled with a technologically challenged committee and a budget of ideally no more than $200 has made the purchase of a digital SLR virtually impossible. We do have a number of professional photographers in town who have worked with us on other projects in the past, so we do have several sources for borrowing a better camera/ having photo services at little to no cost.

On that note, we have purchased a Canon Powershot SX280 HS. @gmacmurtrie had sent me an email after seeing my post, recommending the camera. One thing she pointed out, which I wasn’t even thinking of at the time, was the ability to take close up shots of small details. She sent me some of the photos she took, and they were wonderful.

While we haven’t started taking photos of our objects yet, we took many photos on the Fourth of July, one of many events we hope to actively document in the future. The camera is fabulously easy to use, and the sports function was especially helpful when taking photos of the dance contest and swimming pool activities.