Reply To: best pencil/pen for marking resin-coated backs of photos?

Margaret Cotrufo

I use Schwan Stabilo #8041 Aquarelle. It states on the pencil: for paper, glass, plastic, metal. It has a very smooth, soft (like a colored pencil), dark-colored lead. Easy to write with, no pressure needed to get a dark color. I can write small with it, no problem, if the lead is sharp. It is recommended in the world of scrapbooking as the archivally correct pencil to use for writing on glossy photos. I was told to sharpen the pencil with an eyebrow pencil sharpener because of the very soft lead, however I have used a regular cheap tiny handheld pencil sharpener with success if I work gently. I have not bought this pencil in a very long time but I think this is the pencil at Dick Blick