Reply To: Photos in old self stick photo albums

Kate Brownrigg

Thanks for replying Elizabeth. I’m trying to gather information for a small project we launched this year for Preservation Week. We put together a survey asking people about what they might have at home that they would like to preserve. The majority that responded said photographs, with a close second being family papers of some sort. Many added that most of these photos were in old albums–suffice to say, not archival. I’m trying to find information, if any, for treating these photos, beyond putting them in archival (acid-free) sleeves and photo boxes. I think most want to move whatever they have to better enclosures so they don’t become more damaged and I’m wondering if there’s a way to treat individual photos before reformatting.
Thanks again for weighing in! I would also be interested in hearing from others and what ideas they may have for those who would like to keep their collections together as a whole without inviting further damage.