Reply To: Mylar, Encapsulation and Ink


I do the same thing as Ella when it comes to labeling mylar. It is really the only time I use a Sharpie or non-archival pen. However, I have also written on an archival sticky label ( with an archival pen and then put the label on the upper corner of the mylar sleeve. I have found both methods to work well.

As far as digitizing while in the mylar sleeve, I have found that when using the scanner it is no problem at all. I actually prefer to have it in the sleeve when scanning because it add stability. That being said, I have not had good lucky photographing a document while in the sleeve because of the glare.

I use the double sided 3M tape from Gaylord ( If you try making the envelope slightly larger than the object, thus allowing for a little wiggle room, it does not come apart. This is especially true if you are putting multiple pages in one sleeve.

Hope this helps!