Reply To: physical arrangement of photographs in manuscript collections

Charlene Martin

Lea, I hope I can ask another question 🙂

The creator of this collection had photographs stored in photo albums by a loose sense of subject (series or sub-series. There wasn’t any marginalia, so my solution to re-housing them was to place them in mylar protectors, then acid-free folder folders, retaining the subject divisions. I’d like to place these photograph prints right behind the manuscript folder that is about the same subject. I know I am disturbing original order, but it is an order that I think was dictated by convenience. Should I just have 3-5 boxes of photographs organized by subject, and place indicators in the paper documents that refer the researcher to the very end of the entire collection for these boxes – or can I follow the folder-document, folder-photograph scheme? Can I place related photos at the end of the series or sub-series?

Thank you again for your help!