Reply To: Best way to display clear saloon bottle


Please don’t put colored water in the bottle as it will almost certainly stain or mark the glass and the added weight may make it a problem. If you can measure the height of the wide vertical part of the bottle (before it narrows in to the shoulder, then you can cut a piece of paper the same height and wide enough to wrap around the bottle. It can be any color that shows up the design – black or a dark color may be the best. Sew a piece of thread to one of the corners of the paper, making sure that you use a couple of wide stitches. Roll the paper up into a tube and insert it into the neck of the bottle. You can use a bamboo skewer to adjust it if you need to. Make sure you keep the end of the thread outside the bottle as you will be able to use that to help to remove the paper in future. Very long straight thin forceps also help!

If the bottle shape is too curved for a cylinder of paper you can use a fine fabric to line the inside of the bottle – but again, make sure one corner pokes out of the top so it’s easy to get out later.

Other alternatives are to display it with a dark card behind the bottle or to place it on a translucent panel and light it from beneath with a cool light such as LED lighting.

Hope this helps