Reply To: Feather laws and confiscations


Thank you so much for your replies, Ron and Janice.

At this point, we are planning to work with one of our contacts in our local game commission and with the agent who confiscated the feathers. Ron, I think you’re absolutely right that a face-to-face, non-argumentative meeting will be most effective. Trying to find out the best person to arrange that meeting with is a bit of a challenge for us right now, but hopefully our contact will help us out.

Janice, thanks for the information. I didn’t realize eagle feathers were treated differently from other bird of prey feathers–that is potentially relevant to our situation. It sounds like we probably won’t be able to get our eagle feathers back. At this point, our first priority is to clear our record/resolve the issue. Any advice from the colleague who’s gone through the customs confiscation would be fantastic–I’m really just wondering at this point what kind of bureaucratic nightmare I should expect when trying to resolve this.

Thanks again, and any other advice from anyone else is also appreciated!