Reply To: White Ink Pens and FIC

Becca DuBey

There is a wonderful post from last year that describes using numbers typed (ink jet printed) on paper and glued to artifacts using Acryloid B-72 in Acetone. I’ve been using it successfully,and since I have a tremor in my hand I find it much easier and quicker. It’s the same method, a barrier layer, press the paper into place, and coat it.

Also, yes, I do label artifacts with an FIC number, usually a tag that is tied. This is the only way to begin documenting the artifact, at least to catalog it and find it when searching. Sometimes, when going through the old catalogs, or doing shelf inventories, I manage to match the original record with the artifact. I replace the FIC number, but record it in the catalog. I use Past Perfect and have given all my FIC artifacts the Accession number FIC, then add the year and object number within the year as the Object ID. This way I can compare all my FIC from one file.