Reply To: White Ink Pens and FIC

Sharon McCullar

In support of the points being made by colleagues, I also try to affix FIC numbers to objects with paper tags rather than a physical mark. When the original record is found, the process of properly marking the object with the Object ID number is made much easier with this procedure. I would also point out that a note needs to be made in the FIC record as to the correct Object ID number for the FIC object to ensure that FIC records are cleared from the system properly. I use YEAR.001 as the Accession for all FICS, Object ID When an FIC is solved, I make a note in the database FIC accession record, delete the FIC object ID # and make a note in the FIC paper record. If an exhibit record or other document bears the old FIC Object ID # it is transparent what the object ID is for the object going forward for someone looking in the FIC file.

I appreciate everyone’s input!
Sharon McCullar
Curator of Collections
Lakeshore Museum Center
Muskegon Michigan